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From March 27th – March 31st Kite Buggiers, Land Boarders, Land Sailors, and other Wind Enthusiasts will gather at one of the most incredible spots in the WORLD. We are hosting an industry event for everyone to come out and try out the latest gear. Whether you are a seasoned vet, beginner, or spectator there will be plenty of toys to play with.

If you would like to attend the event or demo any gear then you need to register. However if you are family, just spectating, or getting tandem rides from your friends then there will be no cost to you. Attending as a guest, will still allow you to buy Event Memorabilia and/or participate in the raffle.

Participants will be allowed to arrive as early as they would like. There is no longer a permit required to be on Ivanpah Dry Lake as an individual. NALSA will be occupying Staging Area 3 from Monday, March 20th - Saturday, March 25th. IBX will be using the same Tent and Staging area as NALSA again.

We look forward to seeing you at Ivanpah Buggy eXpo 2017!


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(From Wikipedia)
Ivanpah Lake is a dry lake bed in the Mojave Desert of San Bernardino County, California on the border of California and Nevada. Nestled in the Ivanpah Valley near Primm on Interstate 15, the 13-square-mile (34 km2) lake is almost entirely within California. At the north edge of the lake lie the Nevada Welcome Center (closed) and a California Lottery retailer. It is a popular place for land sailing and kite buggying.

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There are three hotels at Ivanpah : Primm Valley, Buffalo Bills & Whiskey Pete’s. We have Special Rates available at Primm Valley & Buffalo Bills.

RV & Tent camping is also available on the playa along the NE Shore. No camping or vehicle traffic allowed in the middle of the playa. Please stay in between the BLM Markers.


Remember it’s mid spring and you can get a whole range of weather. You could need sunscreen or a ski parka. Typically, we’ll be wearing jeans or shorts along with a sweatshirt or jacket. Mid day, you could be seeking shade and be in shorts and a t-shirt.

The winds will usually be light or non-existent in the morning and begin to pick up in the afternoon. Just be careful of the “sucker” wind. You’ll be sitting around waiting for the wind to pick up and when it does begin to blow you will excitedly get your kite up in the air, jump in your buggy and head out to the middle of the playa only to have the wind completely die on you. Stay close to camp and watch the other riders. Wait for the wind to become consistent before heading too far away from camp or you could end up doing the walk of shame. Seasoned Vets abide by a 10 minute rule. Also be aware that once the sun sets behind the mountains the wind will begin to die.

If you get more than a mile away from camp, you might lose sight of cars parked at camp. Further out and you can lose sight of camp altogether. Don’t worry, you can make your way back across the playa and camp will come back into view.

Secure your kites when not in use so they aren't sliding back and forth in the wind. You could ruin your kite in a few hours from abrasion with the surface. When riding, don’t allow a downed kite to be dragged on the surface with tight lines. You can destroy your kite in 50-100 feet. If you need to assist your kite, it’s not very easy to put a kite stake in the lakebed surface. Keep a bungee on the buggy to lock the fork in a turning position and hook the brake loops to a carabiner on the side rails to hold the kite in place. You can also turn your buggy upside down. A 25 mph wind can easily blow your buggy away since the rolling resistance is so low. Secure it in higher winds.


Cell reception is not an issue on the playa. However, Wifi can be really weak in the hotel. Don’t count on speed there, but you might get lucky.


It is primitive camping with no water available. Bring water, food, and something to put your garbage in. There is no one to clean up after us, so when we leave, if everyone pulls their weight, we will present ourselves as good stewards of the treasure that Ivanpah is to wind enthusiasts.

There are many restaurants in the Casinos as well as in the outlet mall. However, the closest is a 10-12 minute drive off the playa. Come out planning to stay the day for your convenience.

The thing with water is that you have to remember to drink it. Grab a drink every time you stop riding. It’s hard to remember but you can drink a lot and still be dehydrating yourself through the day. The air is dry and you will be having so much fun you won’t realize you are working hard. You are sweating but you’ll never see it on your skin. Some sort of lip protection is huge as well. You’ll likely end up with cracked lips but it’s preventable if you keep something on your lips to keep them from drying out (and remember to drink your water).

And remember - Pack-It-In. Pack-It-Out. Leave no trace.


The playa is a hard, fast, and abrasive surface. Expect to use kites one or two sizes smaller then what you are accustomed to using on the beach or grass. It’s a good idea to have some sort of storage on your buggy to keep an extra kite or 2, and some water. Most of your riding will be with kites ranging from 2-4m with fixed bridles and 7-10m with depower foils. If you fly Arcs, 9-12m will be just right almost all the time. However, there are days when a steady light wind will consistently blow. On these days, you'll want a larger kite.

You did pack water right?


You can ship to either Bobby Muse or Brian Holgate’s house. Contact them to make further arrangements. To make it easy on yourself, save your boxes and pre-arrange your return shipping. We will help with receiving your stuff, storing it, and dropping it off at the shipper of your choice. The only request we have, is to have pre-printed shipping labels so it’s just a drop off for us. Bobby lives close to the airport and even closer to the rental car spot. So you can be on your way to the playa quickly after stopping by to get your gear. Depending on volume, we don’t mind getting some stuff to Ivanpah for participants if it works for both of us. As far as the cost of shipping, weight and volume costs money. Bigfoot tires are unnecessary and expensive to ship.

Setting up an account with Fed Ex or UPS is free and easy to do. It gives you a discount and makes printing labels easy. Return labels are just as easy as checking a box when setting up your shipment.


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